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The project NAX TECHNOLOGY will provide solving the mining and metallurgical complex concentrating production problems: the organization of a stable flotation process and increase the metals recovery in concentrates.

Project NAX TECHNOLOGY innovation is operational manufacturing and supplying the required amount of the xanthate type directly to consumers – to the processing plant, that is the most effective way to provide a flotation process at the present time. All this allows to quickly change the processing industry flow chart, applying the necessary (set), “fresh” xanthate depending on changes in the composition of the ore body and ore current production, in order to achieve the highest indicators in extraction of metals in concentrates.

Project NAX TECHNOLOGY, in addition to solving the basic problem of mining and metallurgical complex concentrating production: the organization of a stable flotation process and recovery improvement of metals in concentrates on 1-5%, provides consumers with:

  • reducing xanthate consumption on 5-10%;
  • exception of xanthate delivery problems to the remote areas of the Russian Federation
  • rapid production of a given xanthate for ore current production
  • simultaneous production of several specific xanthates types including mixtures used in RP technology
  • decrease in xanthate stock at RP warehouse to minimum. (Reserve)
  • Xanthate shipping to the reagent department of RP – “Door to Door”
  • elimination of labor-intensive, environmentally dangerous stage in the xanthate working solution preparation in the reagent compartment of PF and its replacement by repulping operation (water dilution).
  • xanthates supplied developer’s support at on-site application
  • operative interaction with RP technicians

Recovery improvement of metals in concentrates on 1-5%