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NAX TECHNOLOGY Technology allows to:

  • Obtain everything including alkali metal xanthates on the basis of various alkyl alcohols (butyl, isobutyl, amyl, hexyl, propyl, isopropyl, ethyl and the others), as well as mixed xanthate of predetermined composition
  • Quickly (during the work shift) rebuild the production of any xanthate required for a particular composition of ores

During studies on the basis of the largest mining companies in Russia and the CIS in the period from 1995 to 2014 high consumer characteristics of 11 xanthates types produced on innovative technology NAX TECHNOLOGY were checked and confirmed.

Xanthates produced on innovative technology NAX TECHNOLOGY are out of competition due to their consumer characteristics, have better selective and collective properties compared with the baseline xanthates industrially manufactured in Russia today.


Butyl potassium xanthate

Butyl potassium xanthate is applied as a reagent-collector in flotation of ores of nonferrous and rare metals.

Made in compliance with TC 2452-004-79102376-2008


  • technical (by ND): Butyl potassium xanthate
  • chemical (by IUPAC): Potassium 0-butyldithiocarbonate
  • commercial: Butyl potassium xanthate
  • synonyms: Potassium butylxanthate, potassium butlxanthogenicacidic


№№ Indices Standard
1 Butyl potassium xanthate content, %, not less: 91,5
2 Content of volatile substances, %, not more: 2
3 Free potassium hydroxide content, %, not more: 0,1

Shelf life – 4 months since the production date. Product conformity to sanitary regulations and standards is confirmed by the sanitary – epidemiological certificate.

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